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Leaky Authors

Because the Muggles should have a say

Those ideas just keep spurting out...

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April 5th, 2006


Hello! I'm kerryblaze or just Kerry. I have been a bouncy, grinning mess since I found out that I was approved to play Ron Weasley ( king_ron  )! Those that know me, know that I love and cherish Ron, so this is really exciting for me!

I've updated his character bio with a few minor changes.

Ron's Character ProfileCollapse )

My contact information for plotting and chatting is:

E-mail: kerry@kerryblaze.com
YIM:    Kerryblaze1117
AOL:   Kerryblaze1117

I have Trillian, so I am always on both. I'm East Coast time and usually on after 7:00 pm. I can't access LJ in work (unless I'm working from home), but I can plot through email.

I look forward to exploring this character and staying true to his history on the_leaky !

May 6th, 2005


Pensive Sue
I just wanted to send a quick 'thanks' to all those that posted on the 'Susan Gallery Premiere' thread. I consider it to be a great success and I really appreciate everyone's participation.

Much love...
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